As you know, we have decided to delay opening the preschool until February 1, 2021 (unless there are changes that allow us to open sooner), in the hopes that a vaccine will bring an end to the pandemic. Our goal is to keep everyone and their family members safe and this is the only way we can see forward to ensure that.

We know it is particularly important to each of you to continue surrounding your children with Italian language and culture, so we have planned a Virtual Preschool Experience for the first part of the Fall Term. There are three tiered levels of involvement – Base, Norma, Prima. The offerings are tiered to reflect your level of interest in participating, as well as what you can afford during these difficult times. The content is directed toward ages 3 through 6, but it can be helpful for multiple age levels. There is no additional charge for siblings.

Learn the details about our Virtual Preschool Experience here.