Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

The Scuola requires that each student pay a registration fee as well as tuition.

Tuition Costs

  • Children Language Classes – Weekends and After School
      • The tuition rate is $13 per hour.
  • Preschool – ages 3 through 5 years
      • The tuition rate is $11 per hour ($44 per day). 
  • Adult Classes
      • The tuition rate is $14 per hour.
  • Adult Private and Semi-Private Lessons
    • Adult and Children Private individual lessons are $50 an hour.
    • Adult Semi-Private Lessons (two or three students) are $40 an hour per student. 
    • Children’s Semi Private Lessons (two or three students) are $40 an hour per student.

Registration fees

  • Adult program – $25 a term and is included in overall tuition
  • Preschool program – $75 per year and is required to secure your spot in the program at the beginning of the year.
  • Children’s program – $25 a term and is included in the overall tuition.
  • Private lessons – $25 one time and will be listed on the first contract for lessons.

Discounts are available!

  • 5% off of tuition when paid in full for the entire preschool school year (Important: discount is NOT automatically applied at checkout; please email to receive the discount before registering)
  • 30% off of tuition for family members, after 1st familiy member pays full price in any class (Please email to receive this discount). Discount will be placed on the lower cost program.

Withdrawal and Refund Policy

Full Tuition Refunds:

A full refund of tuition may be made under the following conditions:

  • Student withdraws prior to start of classes.
  • An emergency situation has occurred.
    • In emergency situations, the Board will consider a full refund of the remaining tuition on a case by case basis by request. Emergency situations are defined as unexpected and emergent issues – such as an illness, surgery, or a sudden, unplanned move out of state.

Partial refunds and Credits:

If a student finds they need to withdraw after classes have begun, we can offer:

  • 100% of the remaining tuition as credit for the following semester, minus the $25 registration fee 


  • A refund of 50% of the balance of remaining tuition, minus the $25 registration fee

If you are unsure what to request, please reach out to to determine if you qualify for a full refund, partial refund, or credit.

School Closure Refunds

We do not offer credits for weather related school closures; however, we will make every attempt to schedule a makeup class for any missed days, including those caused by weather.

If the closure is the fault of the school and we are unable to schedule a makeup day, we will offer an option of a credit or refund for missed classes.

Late Enrollment Approval

  • Up to Two Classes Missed – Late enrollment for all class levels is automatically approved for students who have missed two classes. No official approvals are necessary. 
  • Three or More Classes Missed – For students who would like to enroll after three or more classes have been missed, they will need to be approved by the administration, which may include placement tests and a discussion with the instructor.

Late Enrollment Prorate Policy

If a student enrolls later in the term, our prorate policy is as follows:

  • Up to Two Classes Missed – If you have missed two classes, you will not receive a prorated enrollment cost and will pay the full tuition cost.
  • Three or More Classes Missed – If you have been approved to enroll after three or more  missed classes, we will prorate the remaining classes in the term and the $25 registration fee will be added to the total prorated cost.