On September 5, 2017, the Italian School of Portland will officially open the doors on its new, Italian language kindergarten program.  It is the first such program in the state of Oregon.  Classes will be held at the school’s NW Portland location, 1542 NW 14th Ave, which also houses the preschool and playgroup programs.

The half-day program is Monday through Friday from 8:45 am – 12:45 pm.  Lessons are taught in Italian at least 75% of the school day. The remainder of time is spent in English. This 75/25 split allows students to gain valuable bilingual benefits, fully express themselves at necessary times, and to acquire basic skills in English in preparation to join any grade one program.

Native Italian, Lara Carnovali, will teach the program. Lara received her degree in education from University of Milan and has been working with children since 2002.  Using a background integrated approach, lessons will be instructed using proven Italian teaching methods such as Montessori-inspired math techniques and Ferreiro-Teberosky literacy and language exercises. English language learning will include a combination of phonetics and memorization.  To learn more or schedule a site visit, email info@scuola.us or visit https://www.scuola.us.

Scuola Italiana di Portland was founded in 2006 by a group of Italian speakers eager to give their children a more formal education in Italian language and culture. Since that time, the school has grown to include a Reggio Emilia inspired, immersion preschool; children’s after-school and weekend lessons; summer camps; a free Mommy and Me playgroup; and a rapidly growing adult language program.  The ultimate goal is to become a fully accredited elementary school program.

Scuola Italiana’s mission is to promote the Italian language and culture to children and adults in a student-centered environment, nurturing responsible, global citizens by providing cross-cultural understanding and fostering a deep appreciation for world civilizations that intersect with the Italian culture.