Portland, OREGON August 17, 2015 – When adult students register for a class at Scuola Italiana di Portland this fall, they may notice that it costs less to enroll. Thanks to a growing adult language program, the board of directors has reduced the registration fee making classes more affordable than ever before.

The new school year brings some other exciting changes too. New, shorter culture courses and a second program location provide Portland area residents with more opportunity to access Italian language and culture in a way that is meaningful to them.

In addition to regular term language courses, two different specialty classes are offered this fall. These classes are ideal for people who may be fascinated with the culture, but perhaps are not as interested in the in-depth approach that language classes provide.

Travel Essentials is an intensive two week course that covers practical words, phrases and travel tips that equip students with the tools necessary to make the most out of their time in Italy.

Vendemmia – Inspired Wine Course consists of four nights of wine instruction that focus on Italian wines by region – from vineyard to table – and include wine tasting and appetizers with each class. A fifth and final meeting will be held at Ardiri Winery for La Vendemmia (the grape harvest).The festive celebration includes an Italian dinner, arias by Portland Opera’s Scot Crandal, and a winery tour with John Campagno.

Gilda’s Italian Restaurant owner and chef, Marco Roberti, has partnered with Scuola Italiana to offer a second location for classes. This new arrangement gives students a more casual and social setting that makes it possible for them to enjoy a glass of wine or nibble on some food as they learn the language.

Specialty classes begin September 14th and regular term classes on September 28th. Registration is open.

In addition to adult classes, Scuola Italiana offers a variety of children’s classes during the regular school year including a Reggio Emilia inspired, preschool program, weekend and after-school lessons and a free playgroup for toddlers.

For more information about classes and fall registration, please email info@scuola.us or visit https://www.scuola.us.

Scuola Italiana di Portland operates with a mission to promote the Italian language and culture to children and adults in a student-centered environment, nurturing responsible, global citizens by providing cross-cultural understanding and fostering a deep appreciation for world civilizations that intersect with the Italian culture.